Carbon Fiber Compact Key Holder Pocket Key Organizer

  • R 800.00

Organise, Protect and Select your keys easily. Forget about uncomfortable pocket bulges, Skone key holder designed as a clever & compact organizer to fit perfectly in your pocket holding up 18 keys or accessories.

Protect Your Keys And Pockets:
- Our unique and compact design saves your pockets from damage and prevents wear and tear to your keys
- This nifty device keeps all of your keys in one convenient package with no sharp points exposed. Slim shaped frame

Save Time With Smart Tools:
- This isn’t just a minimalist keychain organizer it also features a steel metal bottle opener, a cash stash, a SIM card opener, and a convenient carabiner opener loop so you can stay safe and organized wherever you may be

Improved Comfort:
- No more bulky pockets and jangling keys
- Everything stays neat and comfortable in your bag or pocket when walking and running and won’t dig into your leg or phone. It is ergonomically designed using classic flat survival material

- Extending nodes and extra separating washers

Perfect Gift:
- The Skone Key Organizer make the best birthday gift, Valentine's gift, thank you gift, or even anniversary gift! It comes with a beautiful packing, perfect for gifting any special occasion
- Great for anyone - best friend, spouse, father, son, colleague, sibling or boss. Since this is a unisex product, everyone will be able to appreciate the precision craft design

- Not suitable with keys or accessories over 70 mm in length

- Material: Carbon Fiber
- Dimensions: (L x W x H) 95 mm x 28 mm x 10 mm
- Weight: 12 g
- Warranty: 12 months